The Martin Green Collection

2020 Napton Brickworks

Past and present photographs from the site of the once extensive Napton Brickworks outside the village of Napton, South Warwickshire. The location had an excellent canal frontage. Photos Copyright © M. Green

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2020 Alfred Herbert Machine Tool Co, Edgewick, Coventry

Little remains of the once extensive factory site in Edgewick, Coventry. A new technology park and retail park occupy the area. There are three remaining original buildings. Photos copyright Martin Green, WIAS

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2020 Emscote Mill Warwick

Photos from 1993. Emscote Mill
Who made all the pies?
Tim Booth, in his article on Emscote Mill (Wind and Water Mills Journal No. 22), closes his analysis with some regret that the housing – Fleur-de-Lys Court – replacing the Emscote Mill should refer to the 35 years of pie production rather than the 155 years of milling on the site. He certainly has a point, but for most of us the buildings on the Emscote Road next to the Warwick and Napton/Grand Union Canal are remembered as the home of the Fleur de Lys pie factory, also fondly associated with those familiar aromas of pie production! Copyright M. Green.

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2020 Rock Mill Leamington Spa

One of the most striking industrial buildings in Leamington Spa is Rock Mill, located on the river Avon, set back from the main Warwick-Leamington road. Recent years have seen the conversion of the mill to housing, the building of additional housing behind the mill, and the creation of a new estate on the former Pottertons site – Portobello Riverside - with its access road crossing the Avon in front of the mill. Despite these changes, the sympathetic conversion of the mill leaves a frontage little altered from the mill on closure. Photos copyright Martin Green

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2020 Vero and Everitt Hatters, Atherstone, Warwickshire

The former factories of Vero Everitt and Wilson & Stafford in Atherstone. Photos copyright Martin Green, WIAS

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2020 Wilson and Stafford Hatters, Atherstone, Warwickshire

The remains of hat makers Wilson & Stafford in Atherstone. Demolition is likely in 2020. Photos copyright Martin Green, WIAS

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2020 Southam (Kaye's) Cement Works

Production at the Southam works came to an end early in the 21st. century, although the quarry has continued in use, and ‘clay’ is extracted and supplied to the present CEMEX Rugby cement plant. The Southam works were largely demolished in 2011.

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2013 Webster's Brickworks, Foleshill, Coventry

Much of the site of the former thriving Webster's Brickworks in Foleshill, Coventry is now abandoned and derelict. Martin Green has been to look at the area and provided the photos below. Photos © Martin Green.

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2011 Fenny Compton Brick Kiln

Fenny Compton, Warwickshire, November 2011. Work in progress to stabalise and restore a unique brick kiln built alongside the canal.
Photos copyright M. Green.

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