Warwickshire Industries

This section is gradually being developed and contains brief introductions to the history of industries in Warwickshire, with a guide to additional resources, links to the WIAS database and photo albums, together with articles on particular aspects of the industry concerned.

IndustryIntroductionFurther Information
Aircraft IndustryIntroduction
Bicycle IndustryIntroduction
Brewing IndustryIntroduction
Canals in WarwicksIntroduction
Machine Tool IndustryIntroductionA. Astrop Publication
Motor Cycle IndustryIntroduction
Motor Vehicle IndustryIntroductionBorg and Beck Manufacturer of Clutches
Cyanide Hardening of Clutch Plates AP
Textile IndustryIntroductionArtificial Fibres Industry
Hatting Industry
Hosiery & Knitwear Industry
Silk Ribbon Industry
Wool and Cotton Industry
Watchmaking IndustryIntroduction

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